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Maribeer Morin will host the morning radio show for WKND 99.5

After appearing on television and in cinema, host and actress Maribere Morin continues her gradual return to the public space by joining the cast of the program. We leave it as it ison 99.5 FM, along with Patrick Langlois and Vincent Desoreault.

Over the past few years Maribeer has had its ups and downs, but at WKND 99.5 we believe in the rehabilitation process and acknowledge that she has worked hard to resolve her issues and grow through the process.the new employer explained in a press release.

Remember, Maribere Morin has been overshadowed in the media space in 2020 following allegations of racism, assault and sexual misconduct against her, particularly on the part of singer-songwriter Safiye Nolin. The facilitator says she has her life back, especially thanks to treatment focused on her addiction problems.

She has gradually reappeared since 2021, among others by playing Arlette Saint-Amour, the main character in the film Arlette by Mariloupe Wolfe.

In her new role on radio, she will find her old colleague Patrick Langlois, with whom she co-starred on The Morning Show. A good startin 2012, on V waves.

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