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Mariana Mazza is still filming

Mariana Mazza is still filming

Comedian Mariana Mazza’s career in cinema moves to the second stage: a few days before the release of the film Maria, which is a movie in which she plays the main role for the first time, and she has just started shooting the movie adaptation of the play vanishing lines.

On the big screen, she will be the short story of the trio of girls at the center of the story, as Lianne Labreich role and Catherine Chabot, the playwright as well as co-writer (with Emile Jodrault) and co-director (with Myriam Bouchard), taking on the roles they championed on the boards.

Catherine Chabot notes that “Mariana is as funny a woman as possible, but she will play someone who is the opposite of her character, and is more conservative.”

According to Myriam Bouchard (My circus for me, do you hear me?), there was a desire to change the image of the comedian. “We wipe the tattoos, we change the hair. We wanted to create a character who was not Mariana Maze.

You will be a sad clown. She said that a person with a talent for making people laugh becomes more touchy when they find themselves in weak spots.

A fine line

Producers Emile Jodrault and Denis Robert suggested the switch vanishing lines In the cinema after watching the play.

Jodrault had to direct the film with Catherine Chabot, but her busy schedule forced her to give up her spot.

« vanishing lines He needs his dose of comedy and drama. We have to find the exact line and Miriam did it well can you hear me ? That’s why we went for it,” explains Catherine Chabot.

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in a vanishing lines, three in their thirties, of Beau’s descent, were good friends in high school, engaged in a reunion. Discussions on various topics affecting their generation spark heated debates.

“In the Theatre,” Catherine Chabot explains, vanishing lines It is a closed door that takes place in a character’s apartment. Finally, we broke the camera. So this is another suggestion, but one that preserves the play’s DNA with its social critique. It’s a Generation Y Polaroid.”

It is also an opportunity to rebalance the presentation of films about friendship in cinema, which focus mostly on male characters.

“I will not hide from you that we do not see each other very often in the cinema, says Myriam Bouchard. There are men’s films that I like in Quebec, including those of Robin Aubert. I am not saying that one has to disappear until the other has a place, but it is important that We’ll be there. I want my daughter to be able to grow up seeing women in movies. It takes models to make people dream.”

Victoria Diamond, Maxime de Cotrette, and Michael Gwin are also in the cast vanishing lines. Filming began on August 2, and ran through mid-September in the Montreal area for the July 2022 release.