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Mariana Mazza addresses her mysterious lover

Mariana Mazza addresses her mysterious lover

Mariana Maze was passing movie sets Good evening On April 28. humorist She addressed, among other things, the topic of her mysterious lover and the reasons for her anonymity.

The main reason I want to keep this mystery: The muzzle doesn’t exist anymore, we’re past this mystery. I tell myself: “I’m not holding back.” It’s been 6 years! This is the biggest and least secret. If you tell me: Don’t say that! Immediately, I make a list of people for whom I will repeat it. We love to gossip, we love to chat, but this one, I’m like: Paddle! ‘, fired to the host, Jean-Philippe Wauthier.

“It’s the biggest secret, the least secret”

Let’s remember that last March, he was on the sets Everyone is talking about it That Mariana Mazza has also captivated the reasons why her husband’s identity is not known to the public.

He’s the mediator Guy ato whom I posed the question directly, in which Mariana Mazza discusses in her show the romantic relationship that she has had for several years with a man of the same background, without ever naming him.

There are a lot of reasons and one of the reasons, I think, is that I am a very emotional, very empathetic, very invested girl, […] I say pretty much everything about my life, except for that part “, I have been involved.

Maybe because I’m insecure, maybe because I’m always hurt by love, maybe because I’m afraid that if it ends one day, everyone should know and I wouldn’t want to suffer in public ‘, she added.

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The comedian has stated that she is fully aware of the fact that she is a person.” can be polarizing She admitted that she did not want her boyfriend. Small scandals support it[elle peut] owns “.” It would hurt me if he suffered because he is a sympathetic man too “.

In short, although we long to know more about the comedian’s wife, we respect his privacy!

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