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Mariah Carey celebrates her 54th birthday in a fresh microbikini

American superstar Mariah Carey celebrated a milestone this week: she turns 54 on this earth! For the occasion, the singer escaped in the sun and dressed up bikini Which is taking two main directions at the moment. to forbid!

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Once a singer, always a singer! Mariah Carey sure knows how to impress on social media and her latest look, a fresh neon green microbikini, is no exception! There is no escaping it, mini bikinis have been trending in 2023 and many have wondered if this clothing fad could be embraced by all women, regardless of their age. Maria assures that it is never too late to wear what we love!

Her neon green triangle bikini really shows off her golden hue, as Mariah spends time in good company, surrounded by her kids.

The star chose to complete her ensemble with a layered wetsuit to match her breezy swimwear. Look to break it all!

Flashing colors, such as lime green and prints with many neon shades, are undoubtedly the main trend of summer 2023. We’re taking inspiration from them to buy our new swimwear for beach fun as soon as the warm weather hits!

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