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Maria Brie: "I was so embarrassed by what we lived through today."

Maria Brie: “I was so embarrassed by what we lived through today.”

Paris, September 10 (European Press) –

“I was very embarrassed by what we went through, speaking as a coach after 14 years, I did not expect such a situation. I understand that referees have the right to express how they feel, they have that freedom, but it is also true that things could have been done differently,” The coach said at a press conference.

Madrid SBB played the first round against Alhama ElPozo in Granada, where the Madrid team traveled, but ended up not playing the match. “We traveled the clubs, we came here and trained and prepared for this match for the whole pre-season. If you were also in Alama’s position at the moment as a coach and player, with the illusion of starting in a professional league? I commented on this start.

Mr Bray emphasized that he respected “all the ways and ideas they had, as was done two years ago with the players’ consent”, but also believed “things could be done differently”. “I also have the right to be able to express what I want, and as a coach, today I experienced a situation from my point of view and for me, the situation was shameful,” she said.

“I think it cannot be repeated and we all have to fight in the same direction, because now we are talking about the different groups, who are professional and non-professional, and in the end the coaches will be the only ones. Without a collective agreement, what will this lead to another strike now?” said the coach.

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The Seville player asserts that “it is time for everyone” to focus on “women’s football”. “I think there are a lot of individual interests but for everyone, but the law and what we have to work on is for and for women’s football,” Berry concluded.