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Marcoul les aux.  Nouf Mill celebrates science

Marcoul les aux. Nouf Mill celebrates science

The old Marcols-les-Eaux mill is the only one that has preserved the machinery on which workers made silk in the 19th century.H.

In fact, the factory, built in 1860 by Hercule Giraud, ceased all activities in 1967, permanently closing its doors to its machines, pulleys, bucket wheel and workers’ song.

In 2002, the association stepped forward and opened its doors to the past that hardly sleeps… Everything is there, everything remains! The valley of the Gloire River contains about fifteen factories which attest to the intense industrial activity of the past in working with silk, such a valuable fibre.

Neuve Mill, now an environmental museum, has been named ‘Ardish Heritage’.

A discovery tour of this ancient activity

In the programme, the speaker, Pascal Brugelmans, will give a guided tour of the mills, with the machinery in operation, allowing immersion in the lives of those who worked in the mills.

With the discovery of the factory, its architecture, its energy sources, but also the milling process, to ensure good cohesion of the silk thread and the work and development of the silk.

Architecture, experience, hydraulic power, etc. Silk will no longer hold any secrets for visitors!

Meets at 77 rue de la Combe in Marcole-les-Aux.

To learn more and book on or at [email protected]

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