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Marc Labrich's wedding plans are still up in the air

Marc Labrich’s wedding plans are still up in the air

Although Mark Labrich sold his house months ago, he and his wife, Jennifer Meville Tremblay, have not yet been able to move into their new home. This move is expected to take place in the fall.

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“I am in transit at the moment, because there were minor issues with the structure of the house, which needed a little love. We had to do some work to solidify it.” The couple decided to leave Montreal to settle in the corner of Rougemont. The pandemic has delayed a lot of things, and the host announced that his wedding plans are still up in the air. “I feel like it’s going to be fast at some point because, even if we don’t want it to be a big thing – just family and close friends – we can’t wait forever. The perfect conditions.”

From September 10, he will be surrounded by his co-stars, Simone Poliris, Emily Perrault and Fred Savard, for the fifth season of this year In Tele-Quebec. “The audience comes back. We have two guests instead of one and we change the formula. Instead of focusing on a year and talking about what the person went through during that specific period, we do the opposite: we start with the person and go through the years that marked him. It allows us to invite more people and get out of the formula that She only wanted us to talk about it for a year.

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