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Marc Labrich looks amazing at Club Soleil

Marc Labrich looks amazing at Club Soleil

Marc Labreche was present at the show Solly ClubAnd, to say the least, it turned out great!

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Each week, in addition to the in-house comedians, it sometimes happens that the host, Arnaud Soleil, visited by Quebec public figures. To kick off his second season as a Lion on Monday, the comedian was able to count on the presence of parody mentor Marc Labrich.

In this infographic, given the rapidly approaching election, the latter slips into the skin of a fictional character, the leader of the Quebec Republican Party. If you have an eye, let’s say we can find a lot of similarities with Donald Trump…

Interestingly, not knowing what his interlocutor is going to say, Arno Sully, knowing the sweet madness of these two comedians, this almost five-minute video apparently gives way to big bursts of laughter.

See it for yourself here, if you haven’t already.

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In the comments, on Facebook and Instagram, many netizens showed that they laughed a lot while watching this infographic.

do not miss sulley club, Mondays at 7:30 pm in Novo.

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