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Marc Labreche has already asked Celine very disturbing questions about his son

You could say things happen to Celine Dion and Marc Labrèche.

The latter just started hosting the talk show Come to On Novo Waves.

For her part, the singer released love againhis first play since 2019, on Thursday.

So we decided it was the right time to do an old interview from 2002 with Celine at The tall blonde with a sneaky show.

While appearing on the show, Labrèche took the opportunity to give him a Proust questionnaire about being a parent. At that time, Rene Charles had just been born.

During the interview, ask innocuous questions like “For or against the pacifier?” and “Can you rock the baby so much?”.

On the other hand, it also poses some very strange things. The kind of questions you don’t really hear on prime time talk shows. Like, “Would you allow your son to see his father naked?” or “Would it get worse if he lost his virginity at twelve or twenty-seven?”

The poor singer seems to be destabilized by the last question.

We recommend listening to the full excerpt. It’s a TV moment because it’s rare.

Also on the bag of potato chips:

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