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Mar-a-Lago documents: incriminating recording?

Mar-a-Lago documents: incriminating recording?

Special Prosecutor Jack Smith investigating the Mar-a-Lago documents obtained an audio recording in which Donald Trump admits to possessing a classified document from the Pentagon about a possible attack on Iran, contradicting his statements that he had declassified all documents transferred from the White House in Mar-a-Lago.

According to CNN that publishes this exclusivityThe filing states that the former president “would like to share information, but recognizes the limits of his ability to declassify records post-presidency.” Recorded in Bedminster, New Jersey, in July 2021, Trump speaks to two people working on a biography of Mark Meadow, his former chief of staff, as well as members of his entourage.

None of these people had security clearance to receive classified information.

In his autobiography, Meadows alludes to a meeting in Bedminster where Trump recalls “a four-page report written by[MrTrumphasdoneitmorethanonceduringhispresidency

Reaction of Ryan Goodman, a lawyer who specializes in national security issues: “If Trump discusses the contents of the document, it is worse – and exposes himself to criminal prosecution. These people are probably all good witnesses, and their numbers prevent them from lying.”

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