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Maple Leaves 2 - Canadian 4 |  Smell of 1979

Maple Leaves 2 – Canadian 4 | Smell of 1979

(Montreal) There’s no doubt we’ll hear about 1979 quite a lot over the next few weeks.

Richard LappeRichard Lappe

No, I will not return to the album Dynasty De Kiss who appeared in this glorious year and who still deserves our respect even after all these decades. Instead, it will be necessary to revisit something more historical, should it happen: the last showdown between the Canadians and the Toronto Maple Leaves in qualifying.

It is true. These two great rivals have not crossed the waters once since 1979. It’s a scandal that 2021 promises to correct. That might be the only good thing to come out of 2021, but for now, we’ll be taking any passes.

Like Al-Kindi, moreover, from whom we did not expect much during this rather cold evening in the capital. Evolution, however, was the club in the blue, white and red uniform that won this match against home to Toronto, 4-2.

This is what we’re playing for, right?

“They’re first, but we’re good too,” said Josh Anderson late in the evening. It is good for confidence. We followed them step by step every time we faced them this season … ”

The big thinkers of hockey will tell you: when the playoffs start, you can throw everything that happened in the season in the trash, because it doesn’t mean anything anymore. This is obvious, but at the same time, what happened in the season can sometimes have an effect on what happens next.

This is why pictures of a match like the one on Monday night will not be thrown in the garbage, but rather will be appreciated by Dominic Ducharme. If needed, a trainer can pull them out to remind his troops what they must do to silence a mighty attack to win. Philip Danault’s trio, this time completed by Paul Byron, also did an excellent job against the big trio of Leaves, Aston Matthews. In the back, the anarchic Bret Colak recently stopped enemy fire to cause a two-for-one win leading to Anderson’s victory goal. Jake Allen was solid in the net.


Philip Danault celebrates Thomas Tatar’s goal in the first half.

Seeing the matter, Mark Bergevin must rub his hands with satisfaction. No fans of the club entered their living room after learning of John Merrill and Eric Gustafsson’s acquisition, but the general manager apparently thinks the injured will soon return – including goalkeeper Carrie Price, who will resume training on Wednesday – is important. Enough to justify waiting for them without the need for immediate help.

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Josh Anderson said: “Mark did a good job off-season.” He also made some good decisions in the last few days … He really believed in us and added more players. ”

Will this be enough? Very good question. Because the Canadian 2021 is the one who just beat the mighty to win … but he’s also the one on Saturday night, who suffered a 5-0 thaw against the Winnipeg Jets. Two matches, two different sides. It is not easy to know what to expect with this club.

Now let’s go back to 1979, and that magic spring when the Canadian came out of the foliage in four quick matches, before heading straight to another Stanley Cup. The scenario itself seems far from probable this time, but Mark Bergevin thinks so. It suffices, however, to choose not to bet too far before the Monday trading deadline.

Montreal GM has made several bets since arriving in that chair in 2012. This is perhaps his most daring one.

They said

It was important for us to respond in this way, especially after defeats in the last few matches.

Josh Anderson

It was important for us to go back … we showed great personality. We were a little hesitant during the second period, but after that we recovered and didn’t leave them all night.

Philip Danault

A big victory, unlike our game in Toronto the last time … I liked the first period, the third, and in the second, we expected their reaction. Liked how we got back to third.

Dominic Ducharme

Obviously, we weren’t prepared to start this match well. My job is to prepare the players well. The responsibility rests with me.

Maple Leaves coach Sheldon how

Maybe one day I’ll think about it again, but for now, I just want to go ahead and prepare for the next thing.

Jack Campbell on his dashed winning streak

[Le Canadien] I played harder than in our last game. And we didn’t play well in the first half. We did not help [Jack Campbell]. Our permits were inaccurate. We have to be better than that.

Zach Heyman

[Les transactions des derniers jours] It should not be a distraction. We had a match, but we didn’t have a structure in the first half.

Aston Matthews

in detail

Shock in the middle

Although the Habs have played “only” six matches against Maple Leafs this season, no striker has been facing Philip Danault for longer than Aston Matthews by five and five. As we know, Matthews faces a blast against CH: here he is at 10 points in 6 matches in 2021. However, the score is equal to 2-2 with Danault in terms of goals scored by each team (still at five to five) when both are The two opponents are on the ice at the same time. On Monday night, for the fifth time in six matches, Danaolt had the advantage of having the puck. In response to a question about the elements that make his student’s success, coach Dominic Ducharme emphasized that “the way Phil thinks about the game” and his “attitude reading” is essential. “He saw it as a challenge,” Ducharme added, noting that the trio completed by Paul Byron and Thomas Tatar presented a strong match. Danault himself said: “It is my bread and my butter.” I like this role. On the other hand, Quebec knows very well that his business is not over yet. “I am happy, but I am not satisfied.”

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Broken Campbell’s spell?

However, it couldn’t last forever: the new NHL record holder for most successive wins to start a season (11), Jack Campbell now has one loss to his name. Even if Leafs had a bad start with the Toronto players’ consensus, the goalkeeper has blamed his team’s setback. “I am embarrassed about my performance,” he said. I wasn’t good enough and that cost us a match. […] I thought a lot, and sometimes that’s not a good thing. It is true that Campbell was not particularly brilliant, but his assessment is definitely too harsh. The first goal of the game, for example, came after a clumsy maneuver by his teammate Alex Galichniuk. However, it will be granted that the Anderson shot, although lively, will undoubtedly be the subject of a video session to reassess the speed of his reaction.

Finally Power Play Goal!

Rarely does it happen that he deserves to be highlighted: Al-Kindy scored a goal in strength play. In the first period, with a score of 1-0, from the angle of the ice, Jonathan Drouin hands the disc to Shea Weber, who passes it personally to Nick Suzuki. The midfielder stepped forward and unleashed a shot from his wrist that knocked Campbell out of the side shield. This goal was fine for the three players who participated. For Drwin Weber, that was the first point in eight and five games in a row. Suzuki scored his first goal in eight matches. Above all, the achievement doubled the number of goals the Canadian powerhouse had played since the COVID-19-imposed first-half comeback: before the match, the worst team in the league had an efficiency of 4.8% in this period (1 in 21). On the other hand, the buildings’ only numerical superiority awakened the old reactions: no gunfire. Dominic Ducharme and Mark Bergevin have been talking about consistency, right?