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Maple Leafs wanted Tyler Toffoli, Martin McGuire claims

Maple Leafs wanted Tyler Toffoli, Martin McGuire claims

Ever since Tyler Toffoli landed with Calgary Flames, he’s been like a fish in water. well produced And he feels at home with his teammates, but also under the leadership of Daryl Sutter.

The latter has path Toffoli when he arrived at the NHL in Los Angeles and really wanted to see Flames put his hands on his services lately. This is one of the main reasons for dealing with Canadians.

We will remember, however, that Flames’ CEO said he wanted to wait until the deadline for selecting the Flanelle striker, but finally decided to make the deal in February. He wanted to reward his men, but there was clearly another reason.

From what we understand, he has seen that Kent Hughes is not afraid to trade someone a few weeks before the deadline and may have been afraid of being robbed by another club.

We know several formations were in the works, but according to information from Martin McGuire, from 98.5 FM, Maple Leafs were already on issue #73.

That was why the Flames not only moved earlier, but also extinguished.

Location As reported by the news this morning.

According to McGuire, in order to make sure the Canadians were dealing with them (and not the Leafs) The Flames agreed to include Emil Heineman in the deal.

The Flames added young Heineman to the package to make sure Coach Sutter could get the player he wanted on his roster. – Martin McGuire

What I do remember from all this is the fact that the Maple Leafs seem really interested in my Canadian players. After all, Ben Chiarot (who’s also the target of Flames, by the way) is another name that’s circulating in Toronto.

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Chiarot makes more sense for the Maple Leafs because his contract has expired and because the club doesn’t need any additional strikers…right?

Kent Hughes has always said (logically) that he will trade his players when their value is perfect. Obviously, in light of what we learned in the Toffoli file, its value was very interesting.

Does this explain why Chiarot, at the time of writing, is still a member of the Montreal Canadiens? maybe yes.

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