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Many famous actors join the cast of L'air d'aller

Many famous actors join the cast of L’air d’aller

Télé-Québec today unveiled its full crew seems to goWhich we will be able to detect on its air waves in the winter of 2023.

We already knew that Catherine Saint Laurent, Antoine Olivier Bellon, Joachim Robillard and Noémie Leduc Vodry would play the main roles.

Many famous actors have been added to these: Mark Byland, Yves Belanger, Dennis Bernard, Ryan Pomaretto, Martin Drenville, Vincent Gratton, Simone Landry-Daisy, Dominique Leduc, Annick Lemay, Sylvie Moreau, Ianiko Ndoa, Antoine Bellon, Dominique Quesnell and Matthew Richard and Antoine Yared. See them in the photo below.

seems to go, is the touching and illuminating story of four friends with cystic fibrosis who feel the urgent need to live when they learn that one of them may die before the end of summer. We will discover that sick people are sometimes happier than healthy people.

Jean-Christophe Rehel, poet and novelist, signs with this project his first television series. Sarah Bellerin directs the first season.

Photography is underway.

Actor Antoine Olivier Bellon, who plays a major role, recently told us about this series: “ I have a lot of fun with this project, it’s really a great team. It’s a nice project, and it’s the most humorous, so it’s new to me. The four main characters have cystic fibrosis, and we follow them through the dreams they want to achieve before having to face the fact that life expectancy is very low for people with this diagnosis. There is a physical challenge to playing this. »