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Mamelodi Sundowns rushes to Saud

Mamelodi Sundowns rushes to Saud

As we talked about recently in these columns, talk about Amir Sa’yod’s future continues because many bands are interested in him. The last of them is the formation of Mamelodi Sundowns, which was to send envoys to Algiers to convince the player.

When you are the best player in the tournament, when you are the top scorer in this edition of the Champions League with 8 goals, it is hard not to arouse the greed of other clubs. This is even more important when the player in question is at the end of the contract. This is what we can say about the situation of Amir Sa’ud at the present time. The young figure 10 is desirable by many profiles including a recent contact from Qatar. From there, the player’s future remains uncertain, especially since he has not yet extended his contract with the formation of Al-Oqaiba and this seriously worries Shabab leaders. A new suitor for the player has sprung up since we were talking about Mamelodi Sundowns. According to Kickoff media, the South African captains are very interested in his services for next season.

The envoys will be in Algeria for him

But things don’t end there with regards to this interest in me by Sundowns. Indeed, the same source confirms that the envoys of this team will be in Algiers to meet the player and try to persuade him to sign with them. It must be said that Sundowns is one of the best African teams at the moment and has very large resources, especially in financial terms. For them, signing Sayoud is a guarantee of success, especially since they knew and followed him, according to local media.

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CRB will make him a very important offer

As it has been emphasized, it is clear that Shabab leaders do not intend to remain unresponsive to the Sa’oud dossier. We know that negotiations are underway to try to extend the player’s contract but in the face of increasing, continuing and very important interests, the club’s management in the capital, according to a source very close to the matter, will make an offer. Very important and the player will appreciate it very much. One way to make it clear that the club is not ready to allow the best player to leave the club. The Belouizdad administration did not say its last word and intends to do everything in its power to push Sayoud to expand within the Algerian squad. Moreover, it is the wish of all supporters of red and white who have been wanting to have their number 10 for many years.

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A little over a month ago, we announced the inauguration of Mohamed Abrouq as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors. So the latter was to take over from Sharafeddine Amara who left to head the FAF. However, since this famous announcement, nothing has happened and the former young concierge has not started his new duties as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Officially, Abrooke is said to be waiting for his install report to begin his duties, but unofficially, many questions arise about this story as long as we don’t take too long to prepare the install report. case to follow.

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