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“Make the invisible visible”, nature painting competition

“Make the invisible visible”, nature painting competition

Make it visible and invisible competition to explore Guyana’s biodiversity. Two naturalistic designers, Delphine Zigoni and Julian Norwood, flocked to the county’s municipalities to introduce students to this particular technique. More than 200 students played the game, from Talouine to Caen, via Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni.

The Ceba Laboratory of Excellence (Centre for the Study of Amazonian Biodiversity) was the origin of this competition, aimed at young people. The aim of this process is to promote science to this young audience and to impart scientific skills to them.

Delphine Zigoni and Julian Norwood, two landscape designers, decided to take up this challenge, to introduce students to this type of painting, A little special. A discipline in which art and science are intertwined. designers in the bud Learn how to faithfully reproduce the observed insect, to allow scientific identification later.

natural graphics

© The nominees for the “Make the invisible visible” contest,

Laghathi Kotil, Communications Officer at LabEx CEBA

It is a competition that mobilized 243 students. Between drawing workshops, educational workshops and scientific missions. In this competition, the jury paid attention to the smallest scientific details of the drawing. There was a first selection led by the project partners, then another selection led by the public. I remind you that landscape drawing is not just an art drawing, you have to notice it and then reproduce. The production of the students was very rich, and the designers were surprised by the quality of the students’ drawings.

Agathe Kotel

Communications Officer at LabEx CEBA

Biodiversity is often studied in the forest environment.

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The “Bug” project offers citizens and schoolchildren the opportunity to participate in a huge scientific project, led by UMR Ecofog. A consolidated project for the exchange of experiences between scholars and Guyanese. We are in the presence of a participatory science experiment. The citizens, as well as the disciples of this competition brought their stones into the building.

Marilou Herc is a research engineer at Ecofog Laboratory

© v Porphyry

There are about forty classes engaged in collecting ants and mushrooms around their house. This will allow us to get a mapping of this biodiversity that we have in cities. These students have done real research work, and they have advanced scientific knowledge. We knew these species existed, and now we know where they are. We have their exact site. We can put in place management measures to conserve biodiversity thanks to this data.

Marilou Herc

Research Engineer at Ecofog Laboratory

Center Vice Principal Apriba Elementary School Ingrid Legerme Award Winner Primary School Cat Right by Daisy Sorbes

© vp

Observing ants, making nature drawings of them, is the entire educational project, led by LabEx Ceba, and its “Make the Invisible Visible” competition.

And the student won Amias Boukersi in the college categorya 15-year-old boy from Henri Agarande School in Kourou.

College Cat Drawing Competition Winner

© Amayas Bokersi

For elementary school, it’s Ingrid Legerme From the height of 11 years, who won first prize, with “Ant… Fire”.

Ingrid Legerme Winner of the Main Cats Contest

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© v Porphyry

I’m so happy, it was hard. Fire ant, you have to choose the right colors. In the end, the drawing is complicated, we are doing the engineering, we also learned how ants live, it was very interesting and I am really happy to get this award.

Ingrid to incriminate

Elementary Competition Winner