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Major Nutella factory sanctioned for safety violations

Major Nutella factory sanctioned for safety violations

The world’s largest Nutella production plant, located in Villiers-Ecalis, northwest France, has been fined a total of 24,400 euros for breaches related to the safety of this site for the Italian group Ferrero, we learned Thursday from the authorities.

On November 10, an inspector from the Regional Administration for Environment and Development (Dreal) noted that 45 “pressure equipment, including several cryogenic equipment, were behind schedule for regular inspection,” according to two decrees from the provinces on March 1.

However, “the absence of these regulatory controls does not allow to know the condition of this device which (…) presents a high potential risk,” according to the text.

In light of these shortcomings, “it is not possible to guarantee the required level of security,” the province concludes.

The factory employs 400 people, according to Ferrero

In response to a question by AFP, a communications official from the Ferrero Group indicated that the discrepancies noted were in the process of being re-absorbed thanks to an investment plan of 36 million euros announced in January.

“The remaining discrepancies relate only to the administrative and documentary aspects,” the group said in an email to AFP.

According to this email, “While controlling the Dreal, no equipment was turned off.”

Ferrero reported a turnover of 12.3 billion euros for the fiscal year ending August 31, 2020, an increase of 7.8% over the previous fiscal year, according to the Italian group’s website.

The group employs 40,000 people worldwide, including 1,450 in France.