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Major Amazon outages affect thousands

Major Amazon outages affect thousands

The New York Post reported Tuesday afternoon that Amazon and sites hosted by the service crashed in the US just weeks before Christmas.

“There are major breakdowns. It shows how fragile these infrastructures are,” asserts Karim Janam, CEO of StreamScan at the end of the line.

“It is not yet known if it is related to a case of a cyber attack or if it is a problem with their network,” the security expert adds.

According to The Verge, a power outage could cause problems for Alexa, Ring doorbells, and Disney Plus users. According to The Independent, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform has been hit hard.

in Quebec?

On Tuesday afternoon, AWS, from Toronto, in English, responded to the magazine by pointing to a webpage, stating that regions of Quebec are not affected by outages, but rather by “US-EAST-1”.

“The outage is slowing down the activities of some of my clients. I have some who are in the cinema who are no longer able to display images on their website,” confirmed Titan Interactive digital marketing consultant Samuel Parent, when asked if the effects were being felt. in the county.

-Other details will follow.

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