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Mahrez sends a moving message to the Algerians

Mahrez sends a moving message to the Algerians

Three days after the historic defeat of the national football team against Cameroon on behalf of the play-off matches of the 2022 World Cup, it is a moving message sent by Greens captain Riyad Mahrez to the Algerians.

On Friday, April 1, Riyad Mahrez published a text in which he talked about the recent defeat and his country’s relationship with Algeria and Belmadi, and the future goals he set for himself within the national team.

“As a leader, it’s also my duty to take responsibility when things go wrong, which is why I wanted to take responsibility and talk to you today,” he said.

A defeat that is hard to digest

Mahrez opens his message by talking about his feelings and the step he took back to be able to speak to the fans of the national team.

“We all went through very difficult moments during the last CAN, and this last minute defeat of such an important match for Algeria hurt me so much,” he wrote, recalling a heart torn apart by recent events.

The Algeria captain then describes his grief for the fans, knowing “how fully connected you are with our team”, and regretting not being able to reward their massive support.

“I carry Algeria in my heart”

Mahrez also talks about a point close to his heart: the fans’ comments on his performance within the national team.

In the past few matches, some fans have questioned Mahrez’s performance when he plays for the national team, in contrast to his exploits at his club, Manchester City.

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“You compare my team and my country when they are incomparable, and I know it is a great honor for me to come and play for my country. I have been wearing this shirt and this flag all over the world for 8 years, and if I don’t know what the future will be, I know that Algeria will always be and always will be.” In my heart forever,” the captain commented. of vegetables.

“You have to go on”

The Greens captain took the opportunity to say “a big thank you to Jamal and his staff, without whom we would not have done such great things during these four years” and expressed his gratitude to him for “(giving) an identity to this team.

Finally, Riyad Mahrez is setting the record straight by promising a better future for the national team fans, hoping to return Algeria to the place it has always deserved on the international football scene.

“It is God who has decided, we say praise be to God and we move forward. […] Know that you can count on us to find solutions, and to come back together stronger, as we have always done. Our aim will always be to put Algeria where it should be: there.”