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magician near you

magician near you

The magic comes from the depths of time, and it still excites everyone’s curiosity or, if not, a very legitimate attraction.

Contrary to some legends that have been preserved to this day, the witches and witches encountered by Radio Canada journalists do not cast bad spells, but often work only for the benefit of others.

Our reporter, Isabel Marechal, has discovered real witches and witches, announces host Michele Feroli on the news show Plus October 30, 1990.

In her report, the journalist introduces us to some of the Montreal residents who have incorporated glamor into their lifestyle.

Practicing magic is finding wisdom in simplicity, voiced by the magician Serge Lebel, who frequently participates in ritual ceremonies with about 200 magicians in the metropolitan area.

Witchcraft is a Celtic peasant tradition that dates back more than 4,000 years, the journalist explains. Those who practice it believe in deities of nature, beginning with the mother goddess who controls the four elements: water, air, earth, and fire.

The devil of Christians, we don’t believe him Serge Label identifies. Instead, it would be an invention of the Christian Church to persecute witches since the Middle Ages.

Magic is an art and a science, as correspondent Isabel Marechal notes in the field. The art of invoking the gods and the science of combining their energies with the forces of nature.

Second consideration, 1er March 1998

On March 1, 1998, the show’s crew Secondly In turn, he cares about those who have been called pagans, priests, wizards, or Wiccans through time.

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They left their brooms, and took the subway like everyone else. They are called pagans or neo-pagans and they are found in all professions, journalist Gil-Claude Thirault is fired from the start.

In the report he signs with director Carol Ann Petty, he insists on showing that witches and witches live in society, not on the sidelines, as one might think.

I’m a bit of a lady everyoneConstance, a laboratory technician at McGill University, explains. Your neighbor might just be a witch and you wouldn’t know it!

Being a witch is more of a state of mind, it’s not an evil thing, identifies Genevieve, who works as a security guard and devotes herself to white magic in her spare time.

We work clockwise: east-south-west-north axis all the time. This is common for everyone who practices magic.

Quote from:Magician Alex Del Poso

In private rituals or in small groups attended by Gilles-Claude Terriault and Carol Anne Petty, witches and witches can communicate directly with the divine. Thus, they seek to influence the course of their lives and, perhaps, secondly, to influence the course of their lives.

Witches and wizards we interviewed feel free to do whatever they want as long as they don’t hurt anyone., the journalist notes Secondly.

Le Telejournal / Montreal, October 29, 2004

There are approximately 21,000 witches in Canada, including 1,300 witches in Quebec, according to host Pascal Nadeau in Téléjournal / Montreal October 29, 2004.

They practice white magic and worship nature.

Quote from:Host Pascal Nadeau

Journalist Jean-Sebastien Cloutier goes to meet some familiar faces from previous reports on this community.

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Pierre and Andre practiced Wicca in particular for twenty years, in parallel with their work in the field of health.

For those who see their ritual as a masquerade, the witch replies that it may seem strange to some to observe hundreds of people gathered in a church to pray through a priest.

It’s our way of celebrating nature and expressing our faith, she says.

Jean-Sebastien Cloutier also visits a magic shop, a favorite place to enter the mystical world of magic.

There are books, herbs, candles, incense and all kinds of accessories that allow you to make spells or practice divination.

Fabiola Metellus, who studies magic, explains to the journalist that rituals and spells are often very simple and require few items. As a result, they may simply please those who practice it.

Magic is especially attracting attention as Halloween approaches. If it continues to gain followers to this day, it is mainly because it allows the creation of spirituality without a very strict framework, we can infer from this latest report.

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