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Les relations diplomatiques entre les Etats-Unis et le Venezuela sont rompues depuis que Washington a reconnu en janvier 2019 le dirigeant de l

Maduro will have a “direct conversation” with the United States

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said he would discuss it on Monday “Beginning of direct dialogue with US government”As part of negotiations with the opposition, diplomatic relations between the two were severed.

“We’re going to discuss”, During the talks, which will begin on August 30 in Mexico under the auspices of Norway, “Opening up a direct dialogue with the US government to resolve all bilateral issues”Nicolas Maduro told a news conference. “We are always ready, but (America) must stop their arrogance, hatred and contempt.” He continued.

Diplomatic relations between the United States and Venezuela have been severed since Washington recognized opposition leader Juan Guido as interim president in January 2019, with nearly sixty countries. The administration of former President Donald Trump has invited Nicolas Maduro “Dictator” Since his re-election in 2018 there have been serious suspicions of fraud and increased sanctions, including on the oil embargo. However, Nicolas Maduro promised “There was an indirect dialogue and dialogue with the Donald Trump government in various forms.”.

New round of talks

With the coming to power of Joe Biden, the successor to the Socialist leader of Hugo Chavez (1999-2013), he has already shown resumption of dialogue with the Democratic president. “After this roundtable, I hope to be able to open channels for communication, dialogue and dialogue with the US government.”, To Nicolas Maduro.

The Venezuelan government and opposition parties began a new round of talks in Mexico on Friday, following the failure of talks in Barbados in 2019 and the Dominican Republic in 2018 to end the political and economic crisis that is undermining Venezuela. The United States, Canada and the European Union welcomed the resumption of talks, reaffirming their willingness to lift sanctions on the country if successful.

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