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[Made in France] tracks sky and space

[Made in France] tracks sky and space

At the confluence of spatial and digital, is a UFO. Belonging to the Altrnativ Group, founded in March 2020 by Eric Leandrie, the creator of the French search engine Qwant, the startup was set up in October on the space campus in Vernon (Eure), along with Safran Aircraft Engines, ArianeGroup and ITII Normandy School of Engineering.

Its missions: to map the sky and space, locate declared (or undeclared) objects in orbit, follow space debris … To do this, it deployed about fifteen surveillance devices on the roofs and buildings of campus. Space: astronomical glasses, cameras, telescopes, receiving antennas … located on the edge of the woods, more than an hour’s drive from Paris, the Astronomical Observatory benefits “From a privileged place” or Significantly reduced light pollutionAccording to its manager GaĆ«l Musquet, he is also an ethical hacker in the world of cybersecurity.

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The company has also deployed wireless antennas that are capable of capturing the signals emitted by aircraft transceivers. The goal: to collect valuable information about its address, speed and identification number … dreams of Sovereign Flightradar24, a reference resource for air navigation information, thanks to its data collection infrastructure. The startup has developed its technology with the Air Force, and it is also the number one customer for the service, which is very useful for the Air Police mission. Each monitor is connected to a Raspberry Pi microcomputer, equipped with the latest processors from the manufacturer Nvidia that specializes in processing big data. Enough to store and process hours and hours of watch!

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