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Macron, Eurofile or Anglopop?

Macron, Eurofile or Anglopop?

Emmanuel Macron is very interested in the EU and he is nervous when it comes to the UK. This anglophobia, which does not serve the president, annoys conservatives daily The Daily Telegraph.

The leadership of the country is certainly the head of the Council of the European Union “A dream job for a leader who is still driven by a glowing faith in the EU (EU) ”, Agree Telegraph. Only for Emmanuel Macron, the timeline is short. “Uncomfortable”.

His love for Brussels was not shared by most of his fellow citizens. Many French people feel neglected by the highly inspired president “It attracts more attention in the international arena than many national issues such as the increase in crime Energy prices”.

Macron does not seem to give much importance to this dissatisfaction. On January 19, in Strasbourg, “He gave a great speech” In front of the European Parliament, “Especially the callEU Still play an important role Russian-Ukrainian crisis”.

Lack of understanding

It has a tone then “Less good-natured than looking towards Russia From PutinThat saw the relationship between European union And England. He recalled being committed to the signed agreements “The status of being friends”.

This is where the shoe pinches, step Daily telegram : “Macron and the UK have never been friends.

This serious eurofile cannot understand how a country wants to leaveEU. The problem is, this misunderstanding now affects his ability to judge.

The British daily assures us that without Macron’s desire to continue punishing the United Kingdom, our two countries could have been powerful allies. Since 2017, the President has been focusing on this policy, preventing us from seeing the damage that would result.Germany, Who seeks his own welfare above all else, explains தந்தி, Refers to the North Stream 2. His anger blinds him “There is more willingness to negotiate with Russia than with the United Kingdom.”

His speech to the European Parliament Presented to Emmanuel Macron “A Welcome to Rest” Outside the national horizon, he mentions Telegraph. Its popularity is actually threatened by the Omicron variant. Despite the severity of the restrictions in place, the number of pollutants has not diminished. Some are surprised and aroused “Inappropriate Comparisons” Between the two sides of the English Channel. Why life on the British side has become more normal than in France “Freedom has been sacrificed in the name of security? For anglophobia like Macron, the question is painful.

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Atlantisist and anti-European, in a harsh and assertive form, it is the leading conservative newspaper reference. Founded in 1855, it is the last of the quality dailies to drop large format. His table


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