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macOS Monterey 12.5

macOS Monterey 12.5 (RC 2) for everyone

after, after First Beta Candidate (RC) for macOS 12.5 Released July 12Apple is back with the second and possibly the last, as is often the case in this type of situation. This version number is 21G72 It is highly recommended that you install it if you have already downloaded the previous version, because the publisher may have taken advantage of it to patch a serious security vulnerability.

but a priori, There are no additional functions The main in the game, which is common for Apple software anyway. Especially since macOS Ventura will soon take over, this time with dozens of additional options. whose first tests were already very satisfactory.

Some minor additions

However, the Apple brand defines it with Monterey 12.5 , the Apple TV app now lets you resume, pause, rewind, or speed up a live match that’s already started. An error has also been fixed on the side of the proprietary Safari browser: it happened that some tabs returned to the previously opened page. Finally, another technical issue has also been resolved this time with the Books platform which is no longer open.

Compatibility and availability

To test macOS Monterey 12.5 (RC 2), you’ll need an iMac released in 2015 or later, an iMac Pro, a Mac mini from late 2014 or later, or one of the last two Mac Pros when it comes to office hardware. For laptops, there are three possibilities: a MacBook Pro from early 2015 or later, a MacBook early 2016 or later, or a MacBook Air from early 2015 or later.

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Although Apple offers this beta version to all of its customers, it is not recommended to try it on your everyday devices, let alone if it is your professional work environment. In fact, Accidents can always happen with beta. If you are an app creator, installing macOS 12.5 RC 2 can be useful to verify that your content is compatible with the latest changes implemented by Apple. But it’s best to try the maneuver there as well on a dedicated Mac. – the official التطبيق app

Written by: Keleops AG