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macOS 13.3 adds an option to display screen definitions as a list

macOS 13.3 simplifies display of all available drivers for your Mac display as well as for external displays. in System settings > screens > advanced…There is a new custom option, “Show (sic) resolutions as a list”. Clicking it replaces the graphic selection (“Larger Font”, “Default”, “More Area”, or Medium) with a list of definitions in pixels.

The default display of different definitions
The new option was introduced in macOS 13.3

This menu is less useful to beginners than the presentation with previews – which is why it is not activated by default – but it is useful for advanced users who like to set their screen with a definition that gets out of the box. The menu actually includes more options than the default selection of external monitors. The Show All Resolutions button reveals all definitions that macOS supports for the selected display. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you should turn to utilities like BetterDisplay that allow you to configure your screen more precisely.

View definitions as a list

Although the “Show resolutions as list” option is new, we can display this list for a very long time by pressing the Option key () when clicking on one of the suggested definitions (“Larger Font”, “Default”, “More Area”, or Medium). This new option makes accessing the full list of drivers even easier…provided you have the idea of ​​searching in the advanced submenu.

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