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Lululemon takes extreme measures to put an end to imitations

Imitation luxury goods are everywhere, and the iconic Lululemon leggings are no exception.

These yoga clothes, which retail for hundreds of dollars, are now shunned by consumers who have found less expensive alternatives.

Influencers are offering #dupes (#imitation) of the popular “Align” leggings for only about twenty dollars selling on Amazon.

These reproductions are not considered fake because most of the brands that design them have made little effort to reproduce the logo.

The Canadian company Lululemon decided to take matters into its own hands to combat this phenomenon by offering its customers the opportunity to exchange fake Lululemon for a real one.

This marketing stunt is only affecting the Century City Mall branch in Los Angeles this weekend.

For many fans, who swear by the “Align” pants, these pants are almost a favorite, CNN claims, claiming that the original version is super lightweight and soft.

Others proudly claim to have found the perfect replica for only $27 USD (CAD $36) on Amazon.

For the Z generation, it is no longer shameful to wear imitation luxury goods.

This is not tempted by consumption values ​​or excessive consumption.

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