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Ludiv: A facelift on the horizon for Luteva's space and Ramadier

Ludiv: A facelift on the horizon for Luteva’s space and Ramadier

The first phase is taking place this summer inside the municipality’s facilities.

At the invitation of Ludiv Mayor Gayle Levick, Deputy Governor Eric Susan toured this summer’s renovation project at Luteva’s multipurpose space auditorium at the Ramadier Center in mid-July, two essential and essential venues for local community life.

Update and isolate

“After the rehabilitation of the adjacent cinema, two of the old municipal facilities dating back to the 1980s will undergo a facelift.”Gaëlle Lévêque explains. The Lutéva premises have about fifteen rooms that host various activities, it hosts the youth area for pre-teens and also uses various associations that intervene within the framework of city politics such as Via Voltaire or L’encrier.

“Today the site also hosts the Social Center”The chosen one continues. To better install it and modernize the use of buildings that also house many city officials, we launched the inner workings! “ Starting on July 1, they will return the carpentry, install an elevator, and leave rooms ready for work at the start of the school year. Heating, worth €60,000 per year, is the largest item of expenditure for collective buildings in Ludiv. “We will move from fuel oil to wood and take on external insulation to improve thermal comfort and save money.”

Carpentry, heating, insulation …

This summer the project plans to renovate the sanitary facilities at Espace Lutéva, creating two living and activity rooms as well as a large multi-activity room for the social center and takeover of the carpentry in Lutéva / ramadier.

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The reception site will be improved, offices equipped and an elevator installed to serve the three levels of the building. This will be followed by the replacement of oil heating with a wood-fired boiler and external thermal insulation of two municipal facilities.

A 40% energy saving is expected in the project, which has pleased the Deputy Governor. “Continue to provide conditions for development for our youngest in places where they feel good.”Eric Susan mentioned. I always see people here, including late at night when I passed by.”

The opportunity to renew one’s attachment to buildings with multiple uses and regret, Even if it was for good reasons.The Nautilia pool is closed. “An important tool is sorely missing this summer.”

With a value of 1.6 million euros excluding taxes, the site, which will run for one year, is financed by the Hérault Department (400,000 euros), the State (385,000 euros), the Occitanie region (153,800 euros), the Family Allowance Fund (294,000 euros) and Adème (14,200 euros). euros), leaving 353,000 euros to be paid by the municipality.