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Lucy and Anas went on an adventure to Australia!

Lucy and Anas went on an adventure to Australia!

Lucy and Anas

debt: Lucy and Anas

Ossian meets the Bretons abroad. Two young women from Morbihan, 23 years old, Lucy and Anas, traveled to Australia and chronicled their journey through their Instagram account @luana_adventures. Today, they are employed as grooms and discover the country day by day.

The Bretons were indeed of the traveling age. Lucy and Anas, two young women of 23, one from Morbihan, Vannes and one from Saint Vincent-sur-Ost – the other near Redon, had recently set out for Australia with uncertainty and no clear preparation. “We arrived in Sydney on the 14th of March and stayed in Sydney for the first two weeks. We found our first job in a stable, which lasted a month and a half, until last Saturday. We went on to a second job. It was a job as a groom with race horses.”

Great feat

A beautiful and great adventure, which started two months ago, is told in this Instagram account @luana_adventures. “Anas and I have known each other since BTS, we were very close friends, we always talked, we called each other last summer, she told me about her “wish to travel”, I finished my masters, she says me Lucy, after your bac +5 You don't have anything, you don't have a job, you don't have a boyfriend, she asks me to come with her (…) I thought about it and we said ok. Anas decided to go to Australia, a good place to start because you can get a one-year visa, so it's not bad, and for everything financial, finding a job is accessible.”

Did you make contacts there before leaving? “No, no contact. ohWe really had an adventure… It was a bit difficult for the parents because we were going to Australia to learn English and they wanted us to go to England. It was a long way off, but they're very happy with what we're experiencing now.”

No experience

For Lucy and Anais, “Searching for jobs on Facebook was very easy. Anyway, we see a lot of people struggling, we heard that Australia is a bit concentrated as far as backpackers are concerned, but it's okay for now (…) First job we stayed. (Accommodation) And with this second job, we rented two rooms in a house, about ten minutes from the stables…”

Girls have no particular experience. “I, Lucy explains, I have a horse in Brittany that I've been riding since I was little and I think that's what got noticed on the CV. For Anas, she came with me before leaving with my horse. We have done some experiments to prepare her and it is going well and she is getting along well with the horses. It doesn't look like she's just started!” Lucy and Anas visited Sydney for two weeks.And obviously the city is big: personally, I remember the beautiful cars, the main roads, the buildings, the lifestyle. People wake up early, drink coffee, play games, lots of games… They are very active and active.”

“Ideally, we would like to leave the visa period for one year.”

“Ideally, we want to go for one year, the duration of the visa. There, the job we want is calculated so that we can renew our visa for a second year. Travel nearby to see because we want to, but things are happening very quickly in Australia at the moment, we started in Sydney and now we are in Melbourne. We can take an 11-hour overnight train ride to the other side of Australia or another country: Bali appeals to us too, if it's accessible, why shouldn't we?

You can follow girls on Instagram.An account to inform families, but accessible to all, for others to want to travel too. It's still the beginning of the journey, but there are some highlights like arriving in Sydney. We made our first discoveries about life in general in Australia.”