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Luc Dionne reveals details of District 31's final episode and we're already crying

Luc Dionne reveals details of District 31’s final episode and we’re already crying

It was during his appearance on the show It’s just a TVDriven by excellent Anne Marie Withthenshaw That screenwriter Luke Dion captured in Writing the last episode of District 31. Final episode will conclude full privilege Which is sure to make the audience cry.

This final episode will be filmed on March 25th and in April the audience will be able to see how the series will end. For his part, Luc Dion explained that his wife read the last episode and the latter collapsed in tears.

“She’s three stories higher than me at home and I know where to read her. I put music in the background. There, she called me on Facetime and said, ‘Shut up, I can’t stop crying.'” I am not able to work.” She was crying for 24 hours because she was sad “, a statement.

Of course, when he appeared in It’s just a TVLuc Dionne has not revealed more details about the turn of events that audiences will see during this latest episode, but he still teased the audience with his wife’s reactions.

During the interview, the screenwriter talked about his job, which still seems quite lonely.

My job is so paradoxical, I spend my life telling life, but I don’t live it “He set off before comparing himself to the painter when he writes:” I don’t have a business plan “, I acknowledge.

In closing, Dion admitted that he expected the reaction of the Quebec fans to be “ the hardest To take advantage of this last episode.

Remember that last January, Luc Dionne shook all of Quebec by declaring the end of District 31.

I ended this chapter of my career with a deep gratitude to the creators of this series. Area 31 has been, by far, the biggest challenge I’ve faced in my writing career. What a privilege to be able to meet such a large audience four evenings a week for the past six years! The extraordinary creative freedom she enjoyed alongside Fabian and Michel, as well as the unwavering support of Radio Canada, have been key ingredients in the huge success we share with the entire team at the age of 31. “, Release.

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Having subjected myself to this demanding regime, I know how monopolizing daily drama writing is to our entire existence. Michelle and I are grateful to Luke for dedicating 6 years of his life to her, spreading all his talent and deep knowledge of the police and judicial circles to weave fascinating conspiracies endlessly. We are also grateful to all of these actors and actresses and to the entire team who have brilliantly participated in this obstacle course, week after week. Product added Fabien of Thrones.

One thing’s for sure, we’re super eager to see this latest episode, and in fact, just like Luc Dion’s wife, we’re probably crying all the tears in our bodies.