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Luann, cannonball in a short skirt and rhinestone boots, is revealing her legs

Luan is a singer and fashion lover. There are countless number of viewing seats set up on it. Therefore, the 26-year-old is always at the forefront of fashion both on stage and in town. Thus, she looked beautiful during a theatrical performance on a large French stage. So she set the stage and wowed us on the road.

Louane: More elegant than ever on stage

A moment of tension for Luanne… In fact, the singer shared a series of snaps where we see her filled with stage fright and being comforted by one of her employees. “She is always there to cheer me up when I’m scaredshe wrote in her post. However, in this deeply moving post, it is his style that challenges us. The pretty blonde appeared in a black rhinestone miniskirt, a black crop top, and a pair of beige shoes covered in rhinestones.

Louane wasSamia yesterday at the Stade de France.

After the release of his latest album, feelingson December 9, 2022 … Louane will soon go through all the French stages for translation One secret And other new titles. However, she was on stage this past May 6 at the Stade de France alongside the sopranos during a performance that her fans did not fail to welcome under the comments of her posts. So we can read this post: “Yes a great performance last night from Louane despite her manic stage fright that she must have seen the scene… “,”You were great yesterday at the Stade de France. I got chills during your performance 😍. thank you thank you ☺️ “or”It would have been great if you were there, it was magical congratulations and thank you for the thrill of being in that stadium was huge.