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LPHF: Minnesota celebrates very quickly in Game 4

LPHF: Minnesota celebrates very quickly in Game 4

Minnesota thought it had won the first Walter Cup in LPHF history, but a huge turnaround allowed Boston to win 1-0 in the second overtime period and force a final game.

With 2:34 remaining in the second overtime period, Sophie Jack sent hysteria into the arena when she scored on what would have been the crowning goal for Minnesota.

The game started to take shape when Taylor Hayes attacked the net from the outside. But Sidney Morin had Hayes drop straight into goalie Eren Frankel. Jack got back in the slot and scored the magic goal.

Minnesota players celebrated, throwing gloves and helmets onto the ice, but the goal was ultimately disallowed due to a challenge on goaltender Frankel.

Just over a minute later, Alina Mueller hit the net with a nice shot from the top of the slot to finally give Boston the win in Game 4.

“We knew we would score after their goal was cancelled,” Mueller said. Now we're going home and we're going to finish it. It was an incredible effort. »

The match was played in front of 13,104 spectators.

Both teams had ample scoring chances during the first 60 minutes of play, with Minnesota significantly taking advantage of five numerical advantages, but goalkeeper Frankel repelled all of the opponent's attacks.

Boston had some excellent scoring opportunities in the final three minutes of the first overtime period. Forgotten in front of the net, Sophie Shirley came close to hitting the target, but her shot was blocked by Nicole Hensley.

The fifth match will be held on Wednesday evening.

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