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Love Island is really good and renewed for a second season

Love Island is really good and renewed for a second season

TVA confirmed it love island Already entitled to a second season. Fans of the first edition will not have to wait long, as the second round will be broadcast in the spring of 2022, on TVA and through the TVA + platform.

If the ratings fall short of expectations (particularly due to an unusual broadcast schedule), the program should be able to do better by being presented at a time of year when competition is less fierce. A strategy that allowed, for example, a proposal like If we love each other To take the necessary space to conquer her audience.

However, TVA Group is pleased with the positive effect of it love island It was on the TVA + platform.

“Nearly 4 million views have been recorded so far. Love Island contributed over 56% increase in views on TVA+ during September and October.”Natalie Fabian, Director (Channels and Programs) of TVA Group, explained in a press release.

Singles who want to spend their days in a swimsuit and 20-30 year olds who want to find love somewhere heavenly and under the warm sun They can try their luck here.

Remember that the first winning couple in Quebec’s release date love island She broke up shortly after his victory. More details here.

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