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Louis Jean sacked: Pressure is mounting on TVA Sports’ shoulders

Louis Jean sacked: Pressure is mounting on TVA Sports’ shoulders

The pressure is mounting on the shoulders of the TVA Sports leaders.

– Residents demand that the station provide a final explanation for the dismissal of Louis Jean, the undisputed public favourite.

– Since December, people have been wanting to know why the journalist suffered such a fate.

Above all, no one understands why his colleagues at TVA Sports haven’t gone to the front to defend Jan.

– Nobody said a word.

– no one shouted.

– No one wanted to show the courage to protect his colleague from the treatment he was subjected to at the hands of unscrupulous chiefs.

– Meanwhile, in England, a wonderful solidarity movement saved the job of a sports journalist.

– The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) announced, on Monday, the return of former soccer player Gary Lineker, one of the most famous broadcasters of the TV channel, whose suspension on Friday after a tweet against the government led to a wave of protests.

– Gary Lineker, 62, presenter of popular football show Match of the Day, was sacked on Friday after he criticized on Twitter a Tory government bill aimed at preventing illegal immigrants from seeking asylum in the UK, a bill he criticized even in United nations .

He denounced “a harsh policy targeting the most vulnerable, with language not unlike that used by Germany in the 1930s.”

– The British Broadcasting Corporation, under pressure from the government, decided on Friday to remove Gary Lineker from broadcasting “until a clear agreement is reached with him regarding his use of social media.”

– But this decision created a wave of great hardship.

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– The withdrawal of a number of fellow journalists from their programs “in solidarity”.

Former footballers Ian Wright and Alan Shearer, who are also BBC journalists, have issued a press release stating that they will quit their jobs if Gary Lineker does not return to the airwaves.

– The BBC had no choice but to reconsider its decision.

“Gary is an important part of the BBC and I know how important the BBC is to him, and I look forward to having him on our show next weekend,” BBC Director General Tim Davie said in a press release.

He’ll be back on the air on Saturday.

– If only his teammates Louis Jean had been able to show such courage.

– very afraid of losing their jobs in turn, they kept silent …

Silence is the worst enemy of democracy…

One day the truth will come out in broad daylight…