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Lou-Pascal Tremblay and Marina Pastrache suppress rumors and explain why they sold their home

Marina Pastrache and Le-Pascal Tremblay Their dream home was put up for sale earlier this week The advertisement raised many questions.

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With that said, the businessman behind Nana The Brand and the actor put a lot of heart and effort into developing the home located in Hautes-Laurentides. After speculation from all sides from subscribers and fans regarding the reasons for the sale, the couple wanted to set things right.

they made a story on Instagram to explain the situation that prompts them to take action.

Instagram / Marina Pastrach

Marina, with Lou-Pascal at her side, begins story Thus: “Indeed, we are putting our house up for sale, then it is not with a light heart that we do this. We do it because of our own jobs, but above all STATIt forces us to be in town more than we thought. It turns out we spend two days a month at Tremblant, and it just doesn’t work out well. ”

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Le Pascal adds. “Our madhouse had been turned into a cottage and that wasn’t really the original plan. We changed our minds, the fact is we bought a house in Montreal.

With a sigh of relief, one could see that the sale of the house was not due to bad news for the couple. On the contrary, they will move to their new home in Montreal and will be able to give it a style as attractive as the one on Mont Blanc, which they hope to sell quickly.

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We wish them the best in the future! You can spot their home paper Exactly here.

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