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Lotto Vaccine: $2 million in prizes will be withdrawn from vaccinated Quebecers

Lotto Vaccine: $2 million in prizes will be withdrawn from vaccinated Quebecers

Legault’s government will withdraw $2 million from Quebec vaccinators, including a $1 million jackpot for those who received two doses as of August 31.

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At a press conference at the Lotto Quebec main office on Friday, the Minister of Economy, Eric Girard, revealed the main lines of the “vaccine contest” that his government set up to encourage the population to raise the quantum.

Adults who have received at least one dose and who are registered have a chance to win one of four prizes worth $150,000 that are drawn every Friday in August. Finally, a grand prize of $1 million will be drawn on September 3 among all registered Quebecers who received two doses.

Adolescents aged 12 to 17 who have received at least one dose of the vaccine will have a chance to win $10,000 in scholarships that will also be withdrawn every week in August. Individuals with double doses will also be able to qualify for a final draw of 16 scholarships worth $20,000 on September 3.

positive stimulus

The stated goal of the Secretary of Health and Social Services, Christian Duby, is to encourage individuals who still haven’t expected their appointment for a second dose before September 3 to do so.

“The goal is not only to reward the registrants, but also those who will be vaccinated,” he said on Friday.

About 72% of Quebecers have received their first dose of the vaccine so far, but only 46% have received two doses. Quebec’s goal is to fully vaccinate 75% of the population by the end of August. To do this, the government must persuade about 600,000 Quebecers to come forward with their meetings before 1he is September, in order to achieve 82% vaccination coverage on that date, according to Christian Dube.

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Minister Eric Girard acknowledged that the impact of such an initiative on the vaccination rate was difficult to assess, but he is optimistic that it will improve Quebec’s results.

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“We looked at all the other lotteries that take place in Canada and North America. It’s hard to pinpoint the variable, but it sure is a positive trigger,” he said.

other prices?

Quebec is not the only province that has set up a vaccine lottery to encourage its residents to get vaccinated.

In Alberta, there are three million dollar prizes at stake and the government will also draw gifts from WestJet and Air Canada, as well as prizes from the National Hockey League (NHL) and the Canadian Football League (LCF).

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In this regard, Christian Dube called on private companies wishing to contribute to the vaccine competition to move forward. In particular, Air Canada has already raised its hand to offer travel deals.

How do you register?

• Effective July 25, go to the Vaccine Proof Portal at:

• Register before 11:59 pm on the day prior to the draw date. Once you register, you will be eligible for all raffles in your age group, provided you meet the conditions.

• Please note that for the September 3 mass drawing, registration must be completed on August 31 at 11:59 PM.

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Registration conditions:

• You received the vaccine in Quebec.

• Have a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 and received a dose of the vaccine.

• You have received a vaccine recognized by Health Canada outside Quebec and have been given this vaccine.

• For the Grand Prize, you must have received two doses of the vaccine by August 31 at 11:59 PM.

Winners will be announced on the Tuesday following the drawing at 1:00 pm. For the last draw on September 3, the winners will be announced on the same day.

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