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Lotto Max: Jackpot of $70 million in Quebec

Lotto Max: Jackpot of $70 million in Quebec

The $70 million jackpot, presented during Tuesday night’s Lotto Max raffle, was won thanks to a select group sold in Quebec.

Loto-Québec said in a press release on Wednesday that the winning ticket has been purchased in Montérégie.
The winning ticket numbers, whose owner(s) are or are now millionaires, are 06-13-17-20-28-36-44, complementing 31.

Besides the jackpot, only two “Maximum Millions” of $1 million were won out of the 46 that were put into play in the same raffle. However, where to purchase these tickets has not been specified.
The state-owned company said the $43 million jackpot will be at stake in the upcoming Lotto Max draw on Friday night.

With a biweekly draw, Lotto Max, established in 2009, is a pan-Canada lottery game overseen by the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation. When buying a $5 ticket, players choose seven numbers out of a total of 50.

Starting with the $10 million jackpot, the prize pool grows with each unsuccessful drawing. Once the jackpot reaches at least $50 million, participants can also win “Maximum Millions”, which are prizes of $1 million.

Since the launch of this lottery, the province of Quebec has won over $3.2 billion, 39 provincial jackpots.

The other two biggest jackpot prizes in Quebec totaling $50 million were won on November 12, 2021 and December 22, 2020.

For all the results of the Tuesday night draw, click here.

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