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Lots: Until October 17, the Science Festival is held in several municipalities

Lots: Until October 17, the Science Festival is held in several municipalities

The Science Festival runs until October 17th in Lot. In the program: a scientific village in Vigan, but also in Gourdon, Anglars-Juillac, Dégagnac and Cahors.

Until October 17, the Lot edition of the Science Festival will remain in the department. A national event, it is coordinated in lots by the Carrefour Society for Arts and Sciences. At the heart of the event: the town of Vigan, which hosts the Scientific Village from 12 to 15 October in its sports complex. There will be 17 stands dealing with different topics: the Canopé du Lot workshop, for example, will present the Sustainable Development Goals, while the Gourdon Digital Center will seek to tackle the issue of plastic reuse. Grammat Zoo will talk about animals in the face of climate change. Two pavilions will be dedicated to eliminating waste, with Syded du Lot and Cajarc’s “Zero waste” association. Slots are available for school children (nursery and primary) and college students, provided they have booked in advance.

Visits, exhibitions and workshops

Elsewhere in the department, events are also planned. Thus, science journalist Claire Lecuever, author of the youth book Où va le climat, will step in on Wednesday 12th at Des livres et vous de Gourdon to animate a role-playing game about global warming. In Anglars-Juillac, the Provincial Farm Experimental Association will offer until October 14 an exhibition and guided tours, focusing on the Cahors vineyard’s adaptation to climate change. This activity is also open to schoolchildren, by reservation. In Dégagnac, the Bourian Garden has a visit on Thursday the 13th, focusing on technologies for adapting to climate change. Finally, in Cahors, Quercy Energies will be organizing an awareness workshop on Monday 17th called “Climate Plasterboard”, to better understand how climate change works. This event is intended for students and will be held at the Morris Four University Center.

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Note that the Fête de la science will also be held online: on Friday the 14th, on the YouTube channel Ecran de savoirs, scientific experts from the Universities of Montpellier, Nimes, Perpignan and the National School of Chemistry in Montpellier will attend. Table entitled “Water and climate change, how do we manage resources?”.