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Lost.  Opening in the Art Points of View space

Lost. Opening in the Art Points of View space

Four new artists have taken over the impressive space at 6 rue de la Barbacan for an exhibition that runs through August 31. Many people came to the exhibition during the opening on Saturday 6 August to discover and hear them present their work and explain their approach. Anne Krause does not like to speak in public. She invited those who wanted to talk to her about her paintings. The abstract works in light colors that take you on an inner journey where pictorial signs feed our imaginations. Rene Lannoy is more talkative and full of the assertive humor that his work reflects. His paintings, expressive and symbolic in nature, often take the pretext of myths to expose a satirical view of the news and the excesses of our society. Jean-Claude Savy, who calls himself a “painter writer”, elaborated at length his approach, which is borne by chance and which increasingly fuels his exploratory work. His colorful paintings are so full of details that he leaves everyone free to interpret. Finally, Pierre Sagama surprises with large ceramic or bronze figurines presenting a whole host of figures with animal masks. Stunning photos showing the casting work of his designs.

This opening was also an opportunity to present the activities presented by the Art Points de vue association this month: a writing and collage workshop inspired by the works on display, led by Corinne Mayeux, art therapist, Friday 19 from 5 pm to 8 pm, and a mixed jazz concert with the Mandewa band, Saturday 8 pm to 9 pm.