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Looted chalet: every owner's nightmare

Looted chalet: every owner’s nightmare

The images circulating over the weekend showing the numerous breakdowns in a rented chalet are a real nightmare for second home owners.

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“Of course, this is the scenario that all chalet owners strive to avoid,” admitted the chalet master’s co-founder, Philip Hamel.

During a presentation by Dennis Levsk on Tuesday, co-founder Mr. Chalet specified that prevention is undoubtedly one of the only ways to prevent an event of this nature from happening again.

“Reservations made on short notice, 21 days or less (can be suspicious) ask a lot of questions, request proper transfers, and request several identification documents from officials at once. These are ways to prevent these events from happening again,” explains Mr. Hamel.

At Monsieur Chalet, the co-founder stated that he turned down a hundred reservations for the Halloween holiday because they were conducive to a surplus.

“Of course there are times of the year like Halloween and Saint-Jean-Baptiste which are the most problematic holidays and this year with the health restrictions we’ve seen in bars, I have the impression that people have resorted to the better alternative, which has been gatherings in private residences or in this case short-term rentals” .

Watch the full interview with co-founder Mr. Chalet in the video above.

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