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Long live Pink Floyd and nostalgia!

This week we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the launch The dark side of the moon by Pink Floyd.

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How many hundreds of hours have I spent in my bed, lights on, headphones on, and listening to it?

I don’t know of many more influences than Claire Tory’s blaring voice The great party in the sky.


I crawled to the turntable to put on Selling England for Egyptian pounds de Genesis, Led Zeppelin IV, ELP, Bowie, Yes, The Who, Stones, Neil Young, Harmonium, Mike Oldfield, Beau Dommage, Offenbach, Gentle Giant, Tangerine Dream, Zappa, October, Charlebois, Plume, etc.

How not to feel nostalgic for the 70s, the best era to be young?

Quebec was poorer, but it was driven by tremendous idealism, energy, and creativity.

I open Michele Rabagliatti’s comics, look crazy. And I see my youth again.

Banana seats on bikes, pie crust cover from Expos, hours spent examining vinyl covers, friends we found in the alley, little neighbor who’s changed a lot since last summer, our pants our socks, our jersey tips, our hair styles, braces with change in our pockets , mustard and cabbage sausage.

I close my eyes and hear Fernand Lapierre’s organ in Gary Park during the Expos Games.

It was $3.50 a la the Onesany and 3H Objectives. The large deluxe, behind home plate, was $5.00.

Our favorite shows were watched religiously because television wasn’t pay-per-view.

The Canadian spoke French and won. Dryden, a French-speaking Anglo, wore leggings, a gauntlet, and a leather-brown biscuit, as he should.

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In football, in hockey, there were clashes of style. Today, everyone copies each other.

Food in the school cafeteria tasted like something.

With Lévesque, Parizeau, Trudeau Senior and Drapeau, we had the feeling of being ruled by the seniors.

The man who was insulting you should have said it to your face. He couldn’t hide and called himself Avenger77.

When Pink Floyd’s Animals tour stopped at Olympic Stadium on July 6, 1977, a ticket cost me $10.

There were affordable European films just around the corner. We talked for hours about taxi driver And the’End of the world now.


A few years ago, a relative of mine asked me what Christmas gift I would be happy to receive.

I told him: Buy me an old black rotary phone. It sits proudly on the corner of my desk.

Last month, at the exit of the Pink Floyd show at Arsenal in Montreal, my daughter, who loves Janis Joplin, digging through my old records that I’ve all kept, said to me: “Dad, you were born at the wrong time musically.

With a lip service, I said yes.