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London’s canals are an unspoiled paradise in the British capital


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M. September, C. Dubrul, L. Choudrey, M. Bradshaw, N. Boothby, M. Poiseau, C. Madini. – France 2

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In London (United Kingdom), you can escape the hustle and bustle of the capital with a walk through the canals or a timeless navigation.

Although well hidden, in the heart of the city, the canals meander for tens of kilometers under tunnels or in the shade of leaning trees. One of the long-kept secrets of the British capital, the canals of London (United Kingdom) have become protected places that locals especially love. “We love looking at the rocks by the canal, they are always beautifully decorated with flowers. There’s always life here, and it’s beautiful.”A Londoner says.

Routes formerly used for freight transport

An open-air cinema on the canals, a puppet theater on a boat or a floating Chinese restaurant. A strange harmony with English style that attracts tourists. “It doesn’t look like we’re in the middle of a big city.”, said a tourist. There are locks scattered throughout the canals as a reminder that navigation calls for patience. If these canals are out of date, it is because they remind us of London’s history. Before the invention of engines 200 years ago, these waterways were used to transport goods over horse-drawn rafts. These places, rendered useless by the advent of railways, have now found another use.