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London defends itself against French criticism

The French Interior Minister on Saturday criticized the United Kingdom’s “inhumane treatment” of Ukrainian refugees stranded in Galilee.

The UK government said on Sunday it could not “simply” open its doors to the UK, returning to Calais after being criticized by France for its “inhumane treatment” of Ukrainian refugees.

“If we open the door, I think we will not only benefit the people we need to benefit, the real refugees, but also undermine public support,” Justice Minister Dominic Robb said. BBC. “We need to make sure we act for those who need our support,” he added.

250 refugees were deported

French Interior Minister Gerald Dormann on Saturday criticized the return of UK “absolutely inadequate” and “inhumane” Ukrainian refugees to the French port city of Calais.

Since February 28, 517 Ukrainians leaving their country have sought to reunite with their families in the UK via the Channel Tunnel site in the port of Callas or Coquelles. But 250 of them, without visas, were deported by British authorities, the province of the Pass-de-Calais department announced in a press release on Sunday. During the night from Saturday to Sunday, 136 unsupported people “took refuge in the Kales Youth Hostel”.

The province lamented, “This situation is not realistic, forcing these people, already exhausted by their long and terrible journey, to go to embassies in Paris or Brussels to carry out visa procedures,” again calling on the British authorities. “To change their system, diplomatic solutions can be found locally”.

Thurman’s call to solve “problem” “quickly”

For days, the situation of the displaced has been a source of friction between London and Paris, and their relations have already been strained by the question of the illegal cross-examination of immigrants.

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The French government announced on Thursday that it would set up a “kind of embassy” in Calais to issue visas directly to Ukrainians there.

But Gerald Dormann lamented on the radio on Sunday, “For now, it’s been four days, ‘Let’s see, let’s see’.”European 1) And television (C message) French.

“I have a good relationship with Ms. Patel,” he continued. “I hope she’s a good woman. She’s going to solve this problem, but she needs to solve it quickly.”

UK Reviews

Criticized in the UK for its lack of generosity towards refugees, the British government this week relaxed the conditions for granting visas to Ukrainians with relatives in this country.

British and UK residents can obtain a three-year residence permit for their family members living in Ukraine after security checks.

According to the British Home Office, as of Sunday morning, “about 50 visas” had been issued in the framework, while more than 5,500 applications had been completed online and nearly 2,400 people had taken the appointment to submit their visas. Application.

“We are doing everything we can to increase capacity at every (visa) application center across the EU,” said Minister Prithi Patel.