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LoL: Riot Games gives more details about the futuristic Void jungle and its unique mechanics

LoL: Riot Games gives more details about the futuristic Void jungle and its unique mechanics

Riot Games has revealed a lot of information regarding the future of League of Legends in its new Champion Action Plan. True to his word, the developer in particular provided additional details of the forest – which can be called Bel’Veth. One of the most anticipated characters to join the Summoner’s Rift is the next hero who will finally bring a new creature into the game as well as a new Void dweller..

However, without an official confirmation on the name or the release date, the company has revealed a lot of interesting details.

Belfith, the new hero who will subdue the other heroes

As usual in this kind of preview, Riot Games has left players to interpret certain elements. However, they made sure to come up with several revealing play ideas. First, The new hero has been described as the Empress of Void, able to subdue all other characters. An idea based on his original reveal at the beginning of Season 12, where the developer gave the first details about him hinting that the character could control minds.

In this latest teaser, it is not specified how this mechanism that is able to obey all the other heroes will work. However, it appears that you can also voluntarily agree to: “Those who voluntarily agree will be rewarded by joining the expanding sea of ​​lavender, whose waves crash into enemy defensive structures. Submit yourself to your Empress and let her feed on your essence, so that you can be a part of the new evolution in Runeterra. In addition, if you surrender to him, you will also be able to than contemplating his true elegance, true beauty, and true facet of emptiness.”

A text that ends with a strange reference to the Portal video game that has left the League of Legends community very intrigued: “How can I refuse? Me, I have already given myself in January, and even If there is no cakeI still have a good time. So what are you waiting for?”

Riot Games already mentioned that this new hero will be very complex compared to the others – Perhaps this unique mechanic is the key to the gameplay of this jungle. Unfortunately, there have been no new details regarding the release date, although Bel’Veth’s arrival should be imminent and should not be delayed by more than a patch or two.

He is one of the lesser known champions in League of Legends and Riot Games is very keen to change this situation. Aurelion Sol, Star Forger, will get MGC (full game update).

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