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Local elections in the United States: The "laboratory" for the next presidential election?

Local elections in the United States: The “laboratory” for the next presidential election?

However, decisions made along that path, where the Arizona Legislature is located, could have national implications.

One of the tightest election battles in November 2020 was the southwestern state. Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump by a margin of 10,500 votes.

Despite the two checks Who confirmed the election results In Marigopa County, the most populous state in the state, officials elected by the local Republican Party continue to raise suspicions. They ordered a review by the Cyber ​​Ninjas, whose owner has endorsed unproven allegations of election fraud made by former President Trump.

By inciting the risk of fraud, Arizona’s elected Republicans passed a law signed by the governor, among others restricting access to postal voting.

Condemnation of intentional actions Delete the vote, State Democrats see this as a move that could affect the participation of African-American and Hispanic voters, so it could have an impact on future elections.

But in the legislature on Washington Street in Phoenix, it was easy for Republicans to do so: they control the Senate, with 16 members elected against 14 Democrats.

The Arizona example is not unique. Georgia, Florida, Texas: In recent months, several Republican-controlled states have introduced similar election laws.

In fact, according to the Brennan Center for Justice New York University School of LawBetween January and May 2021, 22 laws were approved in 14 states.

People are often unaware of what is going on in the county, Refers to Sylvia Albert from the organization Common cause, Electoral laws are decided while at the state level and maps of constituencies are drawn.

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It is important to keep an eye on electoral races within the states because they can have a major impact on national politics.

Watch races

As part of the midterm elections, we will move to Arizona, where many positions will be vacant in 2022. Among them is the Secretary of State, the elected official responsible for implementing the electoral system.

One of the Republican candidates for the post was State Senator Mark Pinchem, who was in Capitol Hill. During the January 6 attack, Although he did not say who entered the building.

Sylvia Albert, d Common cause, Believes that the certification of election results could have been very different if people like Finchem had been responsible for elections in some key states last November.

Election officials did their job despite political pressure, and in response, the actors who put pressure on them are now trying to change them.

An excerpt from:Sylvia Albert, Director of Voting and Elections at Common Castle

Candidates who ran in the November election results are also running in polls in Georgia, Nevada and Michigan.

From states to cities and school boards

Sophie Bjork-James, a professor of anthropology at the University of Tennessee in Vanderbilt, believes it is important to note the emergence of candidates who share conspiracy theories in the next few months and is not related to the election.

In Congress, George’s Representative Marjorie Taylor Green has already made a lot of ink flow. According to Sophie Bjork-James, this case is not unique: This is happening at all political levels in the United States, She says.

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Earlier this month, Tito Artis, a former mixed martial arts expert, told its newspaper Defender He shared references to the conspiracy movement QAnon, who rose to the position of deputy mayor of Huntington Beach, California. He resigned a few weeks later.

In May, the election of a new school board member divided the community of Grand Blanc in Michigan. Some retired students and teachers protested against the election of this woman who had already shared news related to QAnon on social networks. Denying that he is a conspirator, he says that this chosen scholar is the target of people who want to ignore him (Cancel) Because it is conservative.

In April, the press Time The state of Nevada and the state of Washington cite similar examples.

Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green.

Photo: Reuters / Sarah Silpiker

Why look so far from this dynamic, White House and Congress?

The local school board will decide which book should be taught to children., Sylvia Albert, from Common cause.

Sophie Beijork-James, from the University of Vanderbilt, believes that the selection of candidates allows movements to create an institutional space, even at the local level. Long term.

There is a lot of talk about the 2024 presidential election and where the Republicans will go at that time. I think now states and local politics incubator, laboratory, He explains.

In the 2022 midterm elections, all seats in the House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate will be in line. Whether in state legislatures or at other levels, many species need to be observed.

First, because of the importance of the decisions that some of these elected officials can make.

On the other hand, because of what is happening, the next poll to control the most popular residence on Pennsylvania Avenue, from Arizona to Michigan via Pennsylvania, will mark the mood. In Washington: The White House.