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Lloyd Chéry has achieved great success with his audio files on science fiction and fantasy - multimedia

Lloyd Chéry has achieved great success with his audio files on science fiction and fantasy – multimedia

In 2020, she launched her weekly podcast It’s More Than SF. In September, she gave birth to “It’s More Than Just a Fantasy”. How was this adventure born?

Since 2017, Le Point has specialized in pop culture and fantasy genres. Two years ago, I wanted to go further. I missed the world of radio, which I trained in, and wanted to launch a program on it Science Fiction With the idea of ​​talking about all aspects of the genre with authors, illustrators, screenwriters and academics. I suggested the concept to radio stations, but no one wanted it. I was convinced it would work. in September, ” It’s more than SF “, produced by ActosIt started its third season and we are in a million listeners for 140 episodes.

“It’s more than SF” has become a reference. Meanwhile, it is still easy to access for beginners…

It has always been my desire to do an excellent job with very good guests while offering a very diverse program within the reach of everyone. I find it interesting to explore all areas of science fiction, without preconceptions, because it is ubiquitous in our lives. In July, for example, we did a podcast on Elon Musk which was a huge hit.

How did you come up with developing the concept with this second podcast?

After SF, then a mook on “Dune”The idea was to keep growing. There is also a real vogue. We see him in the series “House Of The Dragon” or “The Rings of Power”. As with SF, every show deals with an aspect of this genre.

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Specifically, fantasy genres are on the rise both in soap operas and in cinema. How do you explain that?

I think there is a real comeback and that we are living in a new golden age of fantasy and fantasy. There was the ‘Harry Potter’ explosion in the early 2000s, the return of ‘Star Wars’, and then ‘Game of Thrones’. At the moment, we have overproduction on pallets.

Is this renewal for France as well?

In France, Fantasia did very well in the ’90s, and in San Francisco, we have French authors who have been very successful, even more recently. But it is true that we turn more easily to American authors when it comes to fiction. However, there are very good French proposals. In comics in particular. Also in the movie with “Vesper Chronicle”, “The Visitor from the Future”, “Big Bug” … and on channel +, “OVNI (s)” or “Infiniti”. I think something is really going on here.

Does San Francisco Island still have its whistleblower role to play in the current political, social and environmental climate?

This is a real question. We already have the impression that reality catches up with fiction. Maybe that’s why we see so much fiction these days. It’s a type that can be dark but probably easier to escape from. Despite everything, I think science fiction still has a lot to say about humanity, our present, and our future.

“It’s More Than SF,” every Monday, and “It’s More Than Fiction,” every Friday, on podcast platforms.