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Lizzo postpones her concert at the Bell Center

Lizzo postpones her concert at the Bell Center

Less than two hours before she took to the stage, American singer and rapper Lizzo announced the postponement of her “special” show that was scheduled to take place at the Bell Center on Thursday night.

She had all the symptoms of a bad virus: headache, fever, weakness. On doctor’s orders, she had to resign in order to postpone her show in Montreal at the time the amphitheater doors usually open.

She made the announcement, her face buried under the blankets, and wearing a mask that wanted her face, on her Instagram page just before 7 p.m.

“If it’s just a cold, I usually shower and eat and it gets better. But things got worse. I think it’s the flu. I have to make the sad decision to cancel.” [le spectacle] She told her fans, perhaps her voice weakened.

“It’s frustrating,” said Johan, an admirer of the singer who crossed the gates of the Peel Center, who got off Thursday by train from Ottawa with a friend. The two ladies in their sixties had booked a hotel room and had been planning their little trip for some time. “We came here because Lizzo’s tour didn’t go through Ottawa,” she recalls.

“It seems to me that when you wake up in the morning, you know whether you’re sick or not,” said Sarah Maude, 20, as she got back together with her friend Marika. The two young women were anxious to see Lizu, but they understood the situation perfectly.

For Alexa, who flew in from New Brunswick with her mom, Lynn, on Wednesday, the disappointment was palpable. “It was my first gig in life, and it was also a Christmas gift from my parents,” she told QMI. The two women took time off to attend the event, but luckily they had family on Montreal’s South Shore, as they determined.

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“We understand, it’s not his fault. It’s just so flat that we learn it as soon as we get in the door. But hey, we’ll finish it at karaoke somewhere and we’ll sing to Lizzo,” the New Brunswicker added with a laugh.

Around the center of the bell, even an hour after the announcement, a few believers remained gathered in front of the main doors. Some were seeking more details from the security guards, but some kept knowing the show was immediately postponed.

Two sisters in their fifties, who were waiting with their mobile phones in hand near the entrance, believed the hoax. They had their ticket since the end of November. “I was looking for Latto, her opening show, when I got a notification from Ticketmaster… It’s boring because whenever I listen to her music, I look forward to seeing her too,” one released.

“It’s a shame, but that’s life,” answered the other.

For her part, Karen, who traveled from Quebec with her young family, received the news well despite the disappointment. “There weren’t many tears [quand on a appris la nouvelle]”, she said. Eva, Florence and Charlotte also prepared posters quoting lyrics from the singer’s songs for the occasion. “At home, we love Lizo very much, even my husband. She advocates for body diversity and self-acceptance and we love that,” she continued, before heading back to the hotel pool.

For her part, Ivenco did not provide more details than those provided by Lizzo herself. However, a new show date was set to be announced soon and that “in the meantime, ticket holders are requested to keep their tickets which will be valid for the new show date”.

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