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Little Baseball: A Return Like No Other

Little Baseball: A Return Like No Other

Care should be taken at the start of the small baseball season in Quebec.

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Usually, most county baseball teams are in training camp and play in a gymnasium, due to uncertain weather in this part of the year.

In Pandemic, some formations are obliged to give the experience abroad, as is the case for Capitale-Nationale region teams.

There are usually more injuries at the start of the season for professionals. On the other hand, in 2020, this phenomenon has been observed throughout the duration of the main baseball short calendar.

Here in Quebec, some coaches are wondering if we will see an increase in injuries among youth, because the season will definitely be different from previous years.

The opinion of the coaches who met is divided on this question.

“We have to measure the intensity, we have to measure the size, but also the psychological aspect, the feelings of the young man who has been arrested for a long time.” Dominic Walsh, baseball studies coordinator at Canonniers de Québec, said, “All he wants is to throw the ball as hard as he can and for as long as possible.”

Remember, young people have had to stop their favorite sports for several months due to the epidemic.

However, the motto of these baseball coaches is to take their time to avoid hitting the youths. A situation that will not be easy, because many young players want to play games with their friends as quickly as possible.

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“On my observation in general, players are injured more than before. There is more arm pain than before, and there is more control. Of course, young people generally have to be less fit than usual. So the first thing to do in training camp is … Restore physical shape to the norm, “notes Marc Antoine Peroubi, a trainer at the Canadian Baseball Academy.