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Lionel Messi The $130 Million Man... In One Year

Lionel Messi The $130 Million Man… In One Year

Lionel Messi’s move to Paris Saint-Germain shook the pillars of world football and also the pillars of sports in general, while reminding that the Argentine is one of those beloved celebrities who earn a lot of money.

In the latest annual ranking of the world’s highest-paid professional athletes, Forbes magazine gave Messi second place in May. Taking into account the sums he earned outside of his daily football activities, the 34-year-old earned $130 Million US Dollars in a single year; Only fighter Conor McGregor received more money, worth $180 million. However, in the case of the latter, the trade publication explained that a lot of that is related to the sale of his brand of whiskey, and therefore the Irish should not necessarily be at the top next year.

Thus, Messi represents and remains, with one exception, the athlete entitled to the greatest income on the planet.

According to Spanish and French media, Messi earns 74.9 million euros (110 million Canadian dollars) a year with Barcelona. In Paris, he would have received about 40 million euros (59 million Canadian dollars).

For the most recent rating, the total relating to his career as an athlete was estimated at US$97 million (CAD 122 million).

That’s a lot more than third-placed Cristiano Ronaldo. He received $120 million, but “only” $70 million of his regular compensation.

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Also, it is not surprising that FC Barcelona surrendered to bid farewell to its leading player. Besides, with a binding salary cap in Spain and a massive debt of more than $556 million, it’s no wonder Messi has packed his bags.

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In turn, the Paris organization took advantage of the measures eased by UEFA in terms of good financial sportsmanship (“Financial Fair Play”) to endure one of the greatest times of its time, without fear of any penalty. As the epidemic continues to spread, the International Federation has relaxed its rules for clubs, especially those who spend more than the amount they receive.

The world’s highest-paid professional athletes

1- Conor McGregor (UFC) $180 million

2- Lionel Messi (football) $130 million

3- Cristiano Ronaldo (football) $120 million

4. Dak Prescott (NFL) $107.5 million

5- LeBron James (NBA) $96.5 million

6- Neymar (football) $95 million

7. Roger Federer (tennis) $90 million

8. Lewis Hamilton (F1) $82 million

9- Tom Brady (NFL) $76 million

10. Kevin Durant (NBA) $75 million