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Lindsay Lohan se fiance!  |

Lindsay Lohan se fiance! |

Lindsey Lohan She announces her engagement and we are very excited! She posted some pretty pictures with her new fiancé, Bader deaconTo publicly announce the news on his Instagram account. Wow, what a joy for an American star! In fact, recently we We also learned of his return to the screen with the Christmas movie, signed on Netflix, A very interesting new project for a young woman who wanted to resume her acting career for a long time. Now she’s engaged, she has the wind in her sails now. Congratulations, Lindsay Lohan! Her hidden new fiancé does not have 600 followers on Instagram and has privatized his account. This is the post, on behalf of Lindsay Lohan, with her text.

“My love. My life. My family. My future.”

Or translation: darling. my life. my family. My future. ”

Here she is expressing her happiness to work again in the studio here.

« Back to work and couldn’t be happier! a job! »

Or the translation: “Go back to work and I couldn’t be happier!” a job! ”

You’re not without seeing that the actress was also engaged for 6 yearsUnfortunately, this will not work. We know how this story ended badly for the young woman. We hope she finds the right person for her, we wish her lots of love and happiness with her new fiancé.

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