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Linda LeMay has Covid-19 and is postponing shows

Linda LeMay has Covid-19 and is postponing shows

On his social networks Singer and songwriter Linda Limay She announced last Thursday that she had Covid-19. She adds that because she is doubly vaccinated, she is therefore hoping not to “. suffer a lot So the singer should do it Postponement Offers Everywhere in Quebec.

She stated, in a post on the Facebook platform, her dismay. ” Dear Republicans from Poitiers and the surrounding area,I’m really sorry … I just received a positive result for a COVID-19 test. What a disappointment! So I see myself in spite of myself obligated to postpone tonight’s show to January 7, 2022! I eagerly waited for this moment of our reunion, you promised us so many emotions of all kinds. But here I am lonely, already dreaming of January! At least, let’s console ourselves, it’s just a postponement. Since I’ve had my full vaccinations, my health shouldn’t suffer much; I imagine I’ll be in great shape for the upcoming appointments. Is it a date? I’ll take care of myself, I’ll take care of you, and we’ll see you soon! Sorry again… I love you so much! Linda xxxx ».

We are wholeheartedly with the artist.

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Note: When talking about performances, remember that Sally Folk Currently on tour in order to promote His latest albumAnd Ô Psychologist. for more details, from here!

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