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Lilliput Diana finally enters the throne of England

Lilliput Diana finally enters the throne of England

Experts in the royal family see a “message” spread by royalty over the time period of this inscription.

She was born on June 4, but since then, Lilliput Diana has never been listed on the “heir” page of the Royal Monarchy’s official website. In fact, he did not succeed to the British throne. Today, it is over now. Why did Harry and Megan’s daughter die so late? Experts have their own hypothesis.

A simple operation that took a long time

Now registered, Lilliput Diana is in eighth place. She ranks eighth between her brother Archie, the seventh and her great uncle Prince Andrew. Harry is in sixth place, out of the first three places made by Prince Charles, the first heir to the throne, William and Prince George. In fourth and fifth place, we find Kate and William, two children, Charlotte and Louise.

Apparently, the British press wondered about the reasons for the delay in registering Lilliput Diana. ” All they have to do is change the number by pressing the new line button », Surprised Chris Ship, Expert in the Royal Family and Editor-in-Chief of ITV Royal. ” They should have done this before. Archie and Louise did it when he was born He adds. Chris Ship has his little idea of ​​why it was so different for Lilliput Diana. ” Maybe it seems to me that they want to get a message , He judges. So is this another sign of tension within the royal family? The expert did not make further progress and was not sufficient to confirm or deny the information.

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